APC Metrics

Meaningful metrics form the basis of effective APC program management

“The Loop Intervention metric is to APC what "bad actor alarms" is to alarm management.  Industry now has an alarms per hour guideline - shouldn't industry also have a loop interventions per hour guideline?”  Link to article...

Loop Intervention Metric

The loop intervention metric is intuitive, transparent, responsive, and embodies a wealth of APC measurement and management information – which are all characteristics of a good key performance indicator (KPI).  Contact APC Performance about conducting an initial loop intervention analysis and setting up a long-term automated loop intervention metric – for continuous measurement, management, and improvement of your APC program.

MV Utilization and Benefits

The MV Utilization metric is based on manipulated variable (MV) movement as implemented by the APC controller.  Just as a car or truck is only being utilized and doing work when it is actually moving, an MV is only being well-utilized when it is actually being moved.  MV-based analysis provides a direct and reliable basis for measurement of APC utilization and benefits, versus conventional CV-based analysis which is inherently unreliable.  Link to article...

Service Factor

Service factor will always be an important APC metric.  Unfortunately, it often misrepresents multivariable controller utilization as 100% when actual MV utilization may be much lower.  Learn to use the Loop Intervention metric, MV utilization, and service factor together to effectively measure and manage your APC progress.

APC Benefits

The benefits of closed-loop multivariable control are fundamentally the same as for closed single-loop control: more timliness and consistency, fewer alarms and constraint violations, and greater process optimization.  With the low costs of APC 2.0, many applications can be justified based solely on the intrinsic value of closing the loops and improving the metrics - just like management of single-loop control in the past.  At the same time, many APC 2.0 applications continue to capture the large-scale ROIs traditionally associated with multivariable control.  Link to article...

APC Metrics

Contact APC Performance to learn more about Loop Intervention and MV Utilization metrics.

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